We are pleased to share some recent updates and optimizations in Discovery App!

Analytics Graph Improvements

  • You may now download individual graphs in Discovery as JPG or PNG files, making it easier than ever to cherry pick your data graphs of choice and download high quality images to include in client presentations.

  • Additionally, you can now download ALL charts on the same dashboard report ("Overview", "Mentions", etc.) as JPGs or PNGs.

General Optimizations and Bug Fixes

  • If your organization supplies post-logs or traffic data to Veritone, you will now have the ability to search for additional values, including spot duration and gross rate. This adds another lens through which you can search for your content, beyond keywords, Advertiser or ISCI names. This improvement will also help you to better distinguish between Paid and Earned (organic lives, incremental bonus mentions) media. We hope this added flexibility will allow you to emphasize the value you are providing to your clients through on air campaigns buys.

We hope you find these improvements to Discovery valuable and as always, we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]

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