Veritone Contact securely connects to the DOJ via sFTP. This article will walk you through the steps to configure the application for your agency.

Note: This initial connection process is available to users with Admin permissions only.

1 ) Log into Veritone Contact through the custom URL that was generated for your agency. You will login using your work email address as the username, and the password that was assigned to you.

2 ) Navigate to the badge icon at the top right corner. This is your Main Menu Console. Select Global Configuration:

3 ) Once you arrive at Global Configuration, you will notice DOJ Submission Settings. Prior to your agency submitting live RIPA stop data reports to the DOJ, you will be given the ability to set a submission schedule. Please leave this section blank for now and move to Step 4.

4 ) Below DOJ Submission Settings, you will see a list of data fields where you will input your credentials that were provided to you by the DOJ:

5 ) Your Agency should have received the following email from the DOJ which includes your credentials:

6 ) The three data fields that need to be filled in will include the following:

  • Host Name: This is the Host (IP) provided by the DOJ

  • sFTP Username: This is the Username provided by the DOJ

  • sFTP Key: Enter your Private key here

    • Note: You will need to enter your Private key without passphrase protection and in a specific format. You can find detailed instructions on this process here.

    • The correct format will look similar to the sample key below. Note: All text will need to be copied and pasted including preceding and trailing hyphens:




7 ) Once all information has been entered, click Save.

8 ) Upon completion of the above steps, please notify your Customer Success Manager or [email protected]. Veritone will then confirm on our end that there was a successful connection.

9 ) Once you receive confirmation from your Customer Success Manager that you are securely connected, you have successfully completed Phase One! Details on Phase Two, which will include test submissions, will follow shortly. Stay tuned!

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