You are required to enter your Private Key from your SSH key pair into your Veritone Contact Account. This will connect to the paired Public Key that your Agency has sent to the DOJ.

Note: Your Private key will need to be entered without passphrase protection. This article will walk you through the process of locating your Private Key without passphrase protection.

How to Locate your Private Key without Passphrase Protection

1 ) Open the PuTTYgen application:

2 ) Load your Private SSH key that is paired to the Public SSH key provided to CA DOJ:

2a) Note: If your Private Key has an existing passphrase, be sure to remove it prior to completing Step 3:

3 ) Select Conversions > Export OpenSSH key:

4 ) Save the key without a passphrase protecting it:

5 ) Navigate to where the key is saved and open with a text editor:

6 ) Copy the entire text file version of the key to your clipboard. Note: All text will need to be copied and pasted including preceding and trailing hyphens:

7 ) Paste into the SFTP Key input field within Veritone Contact.

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