Following the January 1st go-live date, you are now able to setup a Submission Schedule for Approved RIPA Reports within Veritone Contact. You can determine whether you want RIPA reports to be sent to the DOJ manually, or on a recurring submission schedule. These settings control the frequency of data submission to the DOJ. Only reviewed and approved reports will be submitted.

Note: The submission schedule setup process is available to users with Admin permissions only.

1 ) Log into Veritone Contact through the custom URL that was generated for your agency. You will login using your email address as the username, and your password.

2 ) Navigate to the badge icon at the top right corner. This is your Main Menu Console. Select Global Configuration:

3 ) From the Global Configuration page, you will find DOJ Submission Settings at the top portion of the page. The default is Disable:

4 ) From here, you will have 3 different submission options:

  • Scheduled Recurring Frequency: Determine the frequency of report submission with options ranging from Daily to Every 6 Months.

  • Scheduled Date: Set a specific date you would like all Approved RIPA Reports to be sent to the DOJ.

  • Disable: Approved RIPA Reports will be manually sent to the DOJ. Instructions on this process can be found HERE.

5 ) You will also notice Submit Now. If you ever need to bypass the recurring scheduled submission, you can utilize the Submit Now button to immediately send all Approved RIPA reports to the DOJ:

6 ) Once you have set your submission settings, select SAVE at the bottom of the page.

Important Note: The bottom portion of this page is for your DOJ SFTP connection credentials. If you are already connected to the DOJ, please leave the bottom portion completely blank. If any text auto-fills, please remove the text prior to selecting save. All DOJ connection information is stored securely behind the scenes. Thank you!

  • For additional questions regarding the Data Submission Schedule setup process, please contact [email protected].

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