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Veritone Contact allows for LEAs to export their collected RIPA Stop Data at any time to a standard .CSV file. This will allow LEAs to evaluate the collected stop data for internal reporting and analysis. Contact also provides an additional Time Spent export option. This data can be used to calculate potential agency reimbursement per California’s SB 90 State Mandated Programs policies.

Note: This process is available to users with Analyst permissions only. For more information on role assignments, click HERE.

How to export RIPA Stop Data?

1 ) Start by logging into Contact through the custom URL that was generated for your agency. You will login with your username and password.

2 ) Once logged in, navigate to the Badge icon at the top right corner. This is your Main Menu Console. From here, select Visualization:

3 ) From the Visualization page, the first thing you will do is customize your search parameters by date and time:

Note: Please note that time will be exported in UTC timezone.

4 ) Determine the status of the report data you would like to pull.

Note: We recommend exporting Report Data with All Statuses for a complete view. You can later filter this data within Microsoft Excel or the data manipulation tool of your choice.

Available Report Statuses

Draft: Reports that an officer has created, but not yet submitted for review

Under Review: Reports that an officer has submitted for review to their assigned reviewer

Changes Requested: Reports that have been rejected by the reviewer, requesting edits from the officer who originally submitted the report

Approved: Reports that have been approved by the reviewer and are now ready to be sent to the DOJ

Denied by DOJ: Reports that have been denied by the DOJ due to errors. Description of the errors will be provided.

Submitted to DOJ: Reports that have been successfully submitted to the DOJ for review

5 ) Once you have customized your search parameters, select Export Stop Data:

This will provide you with a .CSV file downloaded to your computer.

Time Spent Data within Veritone Contact

Overview: What is the benefit of exporting my Time Spent Data?

Veritone Contact provides LEAs with time tracking for all Stop Data report collection and review labor. This labor expense may be reimbursable per California SB 90 (State Mandated Programs). For more information on SB 90, please refer to the California State Controller’s State Mandated Programs webpage.

Should your agency need SB 90 assistance, Nichols Consulting may be able to provide helpful insight.

How to export Time Spent Data?

1 ) Follow steps 1-4 as listed above.

2 ) Once you have customized your search parameters, select the dropdown arrow next to Export Stop Data to select Time Spent from the dropdown:

3 ) From here, select Export Time Spent:

This will provide you with a .CSV file downloaded to your computer.

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