We are pleased to share some recent updates and optimizations in Discovery App!

Faster Loading with Unselected Watchlists

Users will now have all organization Watchlists default to an unselected state when first landing on the Discovery homepage. With every Watchlist now unselected, processing time is remarkably improved, and users are better enabled to select only those Watchlist they care about to view Mentions.

Watchlist ID Visible When Hovering

Users are now able to view their Watchlist ID when hovering over selected Watchlists. This simple update is meant to help improve troubleshooting accuracy for tech teams.

General Optimizations and Bug Fixes

Select Watchlists sometimes included Mentions outside of the programs being targeted. This intermittent issue has now been corrected and all Watchlists results will respect the programming selected in the setup process, as expected.

We hope you find these improvements to Discovery valuable and as always, we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected].

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