New Feature: Text To Speech Editor

When you log in to the Editor you will now see a sidebar with editing options, these new options allow for breaks/pauses, prosody(rate, pitch, volume), and phoneme support. In the coming months, we plan to continue adding editing features with the ultimate goal of the most natural-sounding speech.

You will also see we have updated the main editor area to separate the document into distinct paragraphs, each paragraph can have a speaker as well as a different language.

New Feature: 100 New Voices

This week we have added the following new languages

  • Afrikaans (South Africa)

  • Amharic (Ethiopia)

  • Bangla (Bangladesh)

  • Persian (Iran)

  • Filipino (Philippines)

  • Galician (Spain)

  • Javanese (Indonesia)

  • Khmer (Cambodia)

  • Burmese (Myanmar)

  • Somali (Somalia)

  • Sundanese (Indonesia)

  • Uzbek (Uzbekistan)

  • Zulu (South Africa)

We also added 72 new voices across our existing languages, these voices range from children's voices to additional accents.

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