On the Campaign cycle page, you see the performance data summary for one campaign cycle. The information you see changes according to the selected campaign cycle.

Active campaign cycle

  1. See how many days are left until the end of the active campaign cycle

  2. See campaign-level information

  3. Download campaign cycle report

  4. View click and applicant projections that are updated daily

  5. Analyze your budget and spend, including CPC and CPA

  6. View a daily performance summary of clicks, applicants, active jobs, and conversion rate

  7. Choose which metrics to compare on the chart

  8. See real-time performance data for each job

  9. Activate and deactivate jobs

  10. Add and remove the priority tag from active jobs

  11. View expanded jobs’ list of variants

  12. View more details and actions at the job level

Completed campaign cycle

  1. Analyze your budget and spend, including CPC and CPA.

  2. See a performance summary for the entire campaign cycle.

  3. See a daily breakdown of the metrics selected.

  4. View performance and spend analysis data for each job.

For a campaign cycle that has ended, the data is no longer updated in real time and instead displays the final numbers for the entire campaign cycle.

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