The pandoIQ analytics user interface is split into three areas: the left side navigation, which lets you navigate between the Overview, Campaign cycle, and Jobs pages; the top menu bar, which lets you access the help center, app switcher for navigating between Veritone aiWare apps if you have registered for several different apps, and the utilities bar with your personal profile and organizations section; and the main page, which shows the data for the selected page (Overview, Campaign cycle, or Jobs).

For more information about the aiWARE utilities and features, go to Overview and Basics.

Navigating between your parent campaigns

If you have permission to access multiple parent campaigns, this is where you can select the one to view.

The parent campaign selector can only be found on the Campaign cycle and Jobs pages, and you can use it to switch directly between parent campaigns. When you click on the parent campaign, it is replaced with a search field; below the field, you’ll find a menu listing all your parent campaigns, grouped based on whether they have active or idle campaigns and campaigns that have ended. To find a parent campaign, scroll through the list in the menu or type its name in the search field; then select it.

Left pane

To collapse the left pane, click the | < icon at the bottom.

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