Find a job quickly

To narrow down the job list on the Campaign cycle and Jobs pages, search for a specific job title, location, category, or unique job ID.

  • You may search using only one parameter at a time (e.g., job title or location or category or unique job ID).

  • There is no Boolean AND option at this point in time.

  • You can search by unique job ID, Requisition ID (if available), or System ID.

Start typing in the search box. The search engine uses partial words to look through all the jobs in the campaign cycle (on the campaign cycle page) or date range (on the Jobs page) and displays jobs that match. When it finds a job that matches the search term, it highlights the search term.

On the Campaign cycle page, when a search term is found in an expanded job (whether in the original job or in one or more variants, but not the original job), then that job will appear in the search results along with all its variants.

If there are no results, check your spelling, and if you are on the active campaign cycle, check your filter as well.

To remove the search term and see the full list of jobs again, click the X on the right side of the search box.

Filter the job list by status or by special features

The following filter options are available:

  • All jobs

  • Active – shows only active jobs

  • Inactive – shows only inactive jobs

  • Distributed – shows jobs that are being distributed to publishers

  • Not distributed – shows jobs that are not being distributed to publishers

  • Prioritized – shows active jobs that are tagged as priority

  • Not prioritized – shows active jobs that are not tagged as priority

  • Expanded – shows all the jobs that have been expanded (active and inactive)

  • Not expanded – shows all the jobs that have not been expanded (active and inactive)

The Active and Inactive filter options are only available for active and paused campaign cycles and on the Jobs page.

If the campaign cycle consists of expanded jobs, then the Active and Inactive options relate only to the original’s job status and do not take into account the status of job variants.

Show more jobs on a page

By default, you see 20 jobs on a page, but you can change this to see 50 or 100 jobs. This control is available at the top and bottom of the job list.


Your selection is saved and used for all future logins until you change it again.

Move between list pages

At the bottom and the top of the job list, you see how many rows (i.e., jobs) are listed on that page and the total number of rows. Click the next and back controls to navigate between the pages. You can also navigate to the first page or the last page by clicking |< or >|.


For any expanded jobs in your campaign, only the original jobs’ rows are counted in the total number of rows, regardless of the number of job variants.

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