The chart shows each day of the campaign cycle and its performance in real time. The bars’ and trend lines’ layout adjust according to the cycle’s duration.

  • Clicks (green) is the number of times candidates clicked to view your job.

  • Applicants (blue) is the number of candidates who have applied to your jobs.

  • Conversion rate (purple) is the percentage of clicks that resulted in applicants, or applicants divided by total clicks.

  • Jobs (gray) is the number of active jobs.


The Jobs metric counts only the original jobs. Thus, if your campaign cycle includes expanded jobs, their job variants won’t be counted here.

Customizable display mode

The chart’s display mode can be customized to display the metrics you need. Click the metric buttons above the chart to show or hide each metric’s trend in the chart. Hover over each day to see its metrics.

On the right side above the chart, you can customize the view mode:

  • Click Data labels to show the data directly on the chart, without having to hover. Click again to hide the data.

  • Click the bar button to display the trends as bars or the line button to display them as trend lines. Note that the conversion rate will always be displayed as a line linking between the days, regardless of the mode you selected.


The values of up to two metrics are shown on the y-axis. If you select more than two metrics, the value of the y-axis is not shown.

The y-axis values follow the order of the buttons at the top of the chart, with one metric value shown on the left of the chart and the other shown on the right.

Example 1: If you select Clicks and Applicants, Clicks is displayed on the left and Applicants is on the right (following the display order of the metrics).

Example 2: If you select Conversion rate, the legend is on the left, but if you then add Applicants, the Applicants legend is on the left and Conversion rate is moved to the right (again following the order of the metrics displayed above the chart).


The x-axis represents time, shown in days.


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