To see campaign details, click the Campaign info button. This will open a right panel that displays cumulative details from the campaign cycles that are related to the presented campaign cycle and gives the overall campaign-level information, including campaign attributes and settings.

The details in the Campaign info pane will adjust as you navigate between cycles.

Campaign ID

The ID number of the campaign. It appears at the top of the pane, below the title.


The flag and name of the country in which the campaign is being run. It appears at the top of the pane, next to the campaign ID.


Campaign duration

The total duration of the campaign, taking into account all related cycles.

Remaining duration

The remaining days in the campaign, only shown for active campaigns.

Start date

The date on which the campaign started.

End date

The date on which the campaign is expected to end (for active campaigns) or the date on which the campaign ended (for ended campaigns).

Current active cycle

The number of the cycle currently running out of the total number of cycles in the selected campaign, only shown for active campaigns.

Number of cycles

The number of cycles in this campaign, only shown for completed or stopped campaigns.



The total budget set by the customer for this campaign.


The amount of money spent advertising this campaign. Accounts that are managed on a campaign level will see a percentage indicating how much of the budget has been used.

Purchase order ID

The customer-provided internal purchase order ID, if supplied. If a campaign has multiple purchase order IDs, click the "next" caret to view the additional order IDs.



The speed at which the campaign goal is achieved.

Velocity options:

  • Accelerated – Reach the traffic goal as soon as possible, which may result in higher CPC bids and budget utilization.

  • Paced – Reach the traffic goal toward the end of each cycle by balancing budget usage throughout the campaign.


Campaign status

Campaign status options:

  • Active – A cycle is currently active in the campaign.

  • Paused – The campaign's jobs are not being distributed, and spending has stopped. To start distribution and spending back up, resume the campaign.

  • Ended – The campaign is complete. All the cycles in this campaign have ended.


Indicates whether pandoIQ universal tracking is currently set up to track completed applications. This doesn't indicate whether universal tracking was set up for past campaign cycles.


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