The job details area appears below the job title and location.
It consists of the following:

Status button

This displays the job’s status (Active, Active deactivating, or Inactive). Click it to change the job’s status.

Priority button

This indicates whether the job is prioritized or not. Click it to change the job’s priority.

Expansion segment

This is only displayed if the selected job is part of an expanded job.
It indicates whether the job is:

  • Original job provided by the customer

  • Job variant created by the pandoIQ platform

  • Expanded job aggregating the original job and all its job variants

Landing page status

This indicates whether the job’s landing page is Live (online) or Down (offline/unavailable) and the time at which this information was last retrieved.


In order for this to be displayed, the pandoPA service must be set up. To learn about pandoPA and see if it’s an option for your campaign, please contact support at [email protected].

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