Date range

The chart’s date range is derived from the selected campaign cycle:

  • When navigating from an active or idle campaign cycle, the first date on the chart is the cycle’s start date while the last date on the chart is the current day.

  • When navigating from a completed or stopped, the first and last dates on the chart will correlate with the start and end dates of the selected campaign cycle.

Selecting the chart’s metrics

There are several metrics you can select from the chart’s metrics menus.

You will find the following options on both menus:

  • Clear selection removes the selection from the menu and is used for viewing only one series on the chart.

  • Clicks is the number of times candidates clicked to view this job.

  • Applicants is the number of candidates who have applied to your job.

  • Conversion rate is the percentage of clicks that resulted in applications.

  • Spend is the amount of money spent advertising this job.

  • Average CPC is the average cost of getting a single click on this job’s post (spend/clicks), excluding spend and traffic from pay-to-post publishers.

  • Average CPA is the average cost of getting a single applicant for this job (spend/applicants), excluding spend and traffic from pay-to-post publishers.

  • Status indicates whether the job was active or inactive on the selected day.

  • Uptime is the percentage of the day this job was available on your career site's landing page. This metric is only available for accounts that have the pandoIQ uptime sensor set on their career site.


The y-axis values follow the order of the buttons at the top of the chart, with one metric value shown on the left of the chart and the other shown on the right.

Example: If you select Clicks on the left-green menu and Applicants on the right-blue menu, Clicks is displayed on the left and Applicants is on the right (following the display order of the metrics).


The x-axis represents time, shown in days.

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