Below the graph is a list of the jobs included in the selected time period. Find the relevant job and check how well it has performed.

Organizing the job list

Find a job

To narrow the job list, search for a specific job title, location, category, or unique job ID. For more details on searching and navigating the list, see Organize the job list.

Sort the job list

By default, the job list is sorted by “First activation” in descending order.

To change the way the list is sorted, click the relevant column heading. In the following example, the list is sorted by Days active in ascending order.

Updating the chart to fit the search results

If you have performed a search and have a more limited number of jobs (even a single job), you can decide if you want to update the chart as well and show the data for the selected jobs only. Click Yes, and the chart is updated.

To return to the chart that presents the full selection of jobs, click the X in the search field. The chart is automatically refreshed to show the full set of data.

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