Once you have found the job you are interested in, check the various performance-related metrics. Above the name of each is a small “?”. Hover over it, and a tooltip explains the metric.

Activation dates

First activation

First activation is the date the job was first published as part of a campaign.

Last deactivation

Last deactivation is the most recent date the job was deactivated and removed from the campaign. If the job is currently active, the cell will read “Active.”

Campaign data

Days active

Days active shows the overall number of days the job was active in a campaign during the selected time period.

Days prioritized

Days prioritized shows the overall number of days the job was prioritized during the selected time period. For a day to be counted in the Days prioritized column, the job needs to be tagged as priority for at least 30 consecutive minutes during that day.

Days expanded*

Days expanded is the number of days in the selected period during which an expanded job had at least one active job variant. Jobs that were not expanded during the selected period show a dash instead of a value.

* Days expanded is only displayed when you use the job expansion feature.

Performance data


Clicks is the number of times candidates clicked to view your job during the selected time period.


Applicants shows the number of candidates who completed the job application process during the selected time period.

Conversion rate

The conversion rate is the ratio of “Applicants” to “Clicks” during the selected time period.


An expanded job shows the total performance of its original job and all its job variants.

Totals and averages

At the bottom of the job list, no matter which page you are on, the totals and averages of the performance data for the selected time period are shown.


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