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Uploading media into your Veritone Redact account is a quick and seamless process. You can upload a media file from your local system in a supported format. If a video is located outside of your local system, export it from the external location to the desktop or a folder on your computer, and then upload it to Redact.

1 ) To begin, select the “Upload Media” button in the top left corner of the Redact Homepage.

2 ) The Redact File Picker will now appear. You can simply drag and drop your files directly into the File Picker, or you can select “browse” to pull up files saved on your computer. You have the ability to upload up to 5 files at once.

3 ) Redact works with most major audio and video file formats and can support files up to 8GBs in size. If you happen to be working with a file that is larger than 8GBs, we recommend that you break the file up into two for a better user experience.

Supported File Formats

  • mp3

  • mp4

  • mpeg

  • ogg

  • Quicktime

  • webm

  • m4v

  • wmv

4 ) Once you’ve selected your files for upload, be sure to select each of the check boxes at the bottom left corner of the File Picker. Checking these boxes will automatically enable the Head & Object Detection engine, along with the Transcription engine. This step is not required, but will save you time in the redaction process. Once you’ve selected the appropriate engines, click “Upload”.

5 ) File upload times may vary based on a variety of factors including file size, network speeds, and head count in a video. Once your file finishes processing, you will receive a notification in the Notification Center.

PRO TIP: All of the video processing runs in the cloud. If you’re working on a larger file, say 1-2 hours, you do not need to stay in the application waiting for it to process. You can close out of your browser or shut down your computer and the processing will continue on our end.

6 ) Once the file is uploaded, it will be displayed on the Redact Homepage with a 'Draft' status set. Click on the filename to open your media file to begin the redaction process.

If you have any additional questions on the file upload process, please contact our Veritone Support team at [email protected]

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