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Redact’s File Manager page is where you will spend the bulk of your time within the application. This is where you will review any redactions detected by our engines as well as create manual video and audio redactions.

1 ) Starting at the upper left corner, you will see your file name.

Note: File names cannot be changed once they’ve been uploaded into Redact.

2 ) Next to the file name, you will see a dropdown of the video status. To help keep you and your team organized, you can update the file status as Draft, Pending Review, or Complete.

Note: This does not impact your file in any way, this feature is simply intended to help you organize your workflow.

3 ) Moving to the upper right, you will find a series of icons:

  • Notification Bell: Provides a status update for any additional files you may have processing in the account. It will alert you once the file has completed or if there are any errors.

  • Keyboard Icon: Pulls up the legend of shortcuts we have set in the application.

  • Settings Gear: Allows you to change settings for the specific video you are working on. More details on settings below.

  • Question Mark Icon: Where you can access all our help articles.


Below, we've highlighted a few of our most used settings. Any updated settings will only be applied to the media you are currently working on. The updated settings will not be applied to all media.

Note: Tracking and Interpolation settings are pre-set in the application. You do not need to make any adjustments to these settings.

1 ) Object Detection

Here you will find Accuracy Threshold. This controls the level of confidence of Redact’s Head Detection engine.

  • The default value is set to 60%. We recommend keeping the default value unless you are working with lower quality footage (grainy or nighttime). If you are working with lower quality footage, we recommend lowering the threshold by only 5-10%.

Note: As you lower the accuracy threshold, our engine may pick up false positives.

2 ) Redaction

The Reaction tab allows you to control the effects of the video and audio redactions in your media.

  • For video redactions, there are options for Blur or Blackfill. You can also adjust the blur level: 1 being the least blurry, 10 being the blurriest.

  • For audio redactions, you have the option to set the redaction as a solid tone or mute.

Media Player

Our media player will display the video content that you have uploaded into Redact. Note: For any files that are audio only, the media player will display a black screen.

The media player has standard media player controls:

  • Forward

  • Backward

  • Playback speed: Allows you to slow down or speed up your media

  • Volume

  • Full Screen options

Scrub Bar

Beneath the media player is a scrub bar which allows you to zoom in or out on a specific time in the file.


Beneath the scrub bar, you will see different timelines. Each timeline represents a different type of redaction.


You can utilize the Preview feature to view your redactions prior to processing and downloading the redacted file. Any changes made here are strictly for review purposes and will not be applied to your final file.

Video/Audio Tabs

1 ) The video tab on the right of the screen will show any redactions that were automatically detected by our engines, as well as any manually drawn redactions.

2 ) The audio tab will provide an English transcription of your video if our transcription engine was selected and audio is available. Here is where you will make audio redactions.

  • For more information on audio redactions click HERE.

PRO TIP: Redact is optimized for Google Chrome. Please be sure you are using Chrome as your browser while in Redact.

If you have any questions about the file manager page, please contact the Veritone Support team at [email protected]

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