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Redact is a cloud based redaction software that harnesses the power of AI to quickly and efficiently redact sensitive information within your media. Leveraging Head Detection, Object Detection and Transcription engines, Redact significantly reduces the overall time and effort it takes to make your body cam footage, audio files or surveillance footage release-ready.

1 ) To begin, open a Chrome browser on your machine. Note: Veritone Redact is fully optimized for use in Google Chrome. Next, navigate to and select Login in the upper righthand corner.

2 ) This will direct to the user login portal. You will select your destination from the dropdown list and enter your credentials to proceed. Note: If you are unsure which destination to select, please contact your Customer Success Manager.

3 ) Once logged in, you will be directed to the Redact Homepage. This is a central repository for all media that you and your team have uploaded into the application.

4 ) You will notice that each file within the homepage displays different icons and labels.

  • Head Icon: Indicates that the Head and Object Detection engine has completed successfully.

  • Audio Wave: Indicates that a transcript was successfully generated for your file.

  • Pencil Inside Bounding Box: The UDR (User Defined Region) icon indicates that a manual redaction, or UDR, has been created within your file.

  • Download Symbol: Indicated that a user within the account has downloaded the redacted version of this file.

5 ) You will also notice different status labels assigned to each file. These labels are intended to help keep your media organized within the homepage.

  • All files will default to “Draft” status. However, you can update the file status to “Pending Review” or “Complete”.

6 ) These status labels assigned to each file are sortable. If you navigate to the upper right corner of the homepage you will see a “sort by” dropdown. From here you can apply a filter by each status label.

PRO TIP: Redact is optimized for Google Chrome. Please be sure you are using Chrome as your browser while in Redact.

If you have any additional questions on the Redact Homepage, please contact our Veritone Support team at [email protected]

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