New Feature: Digital Media Hub Basic YouTube Publishing

In order to enhance Digital Media Hub distribution tools, users can now leverage phase 1 of the Digital Media Hub Basic YouTube Publishing feature. Within the Digital Media Hub interface, a user can initiate publishing a video clip to YouTube.

A new endpoint is used in combination with a delivery option and a token store to initiate the YouTube upload. API documentation available upon request.

Once the user has authorized Digital Media Hub to publish clips to their YouTube channel, the user can access the publishing feature by selecting the Publish to YouTube option on the following pages: (1) Search Result page, (2) Asset Detail Page, (3) Collections page.

Once the user has selected the Publish to YouTube option, Digital Media Hub will display a new publish form. The publish form will be pre-populated with any Title, Description or Keyword data already associated with the asset.

The Digital Media Hub user can modify the existing data and set a category and visibility flag.

After the user has submitted the asset to be published, the asset activity display will show that a YouTube publish request was made.

Users can then navigate to their YouTube channel or account and access the clip that has been uploaded.

New Feature: Upgraded Digital Media Hub eCommerce Price Controls

Digital Media Hub now includes the ability for users to enable a new price calculation method and required per-second pricing. The Digital Media Hub price book configurations now allow for two pricing calculation methods. One is the legacy method, and the other is a new method that does a simpler multiplication and addition of attribute values.

The site configuration now has the option to require per-second pricing. When this option is enabled, pricing is calculated only when the request includes trimming parameters.

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