Creating Clips

Clips are synthetic audio assets you customize and produce in Veritone Voice. Creating Clips requires you to submit text or speech. You also have the option to control acoustic dimensions before submitting your order.

How to Create a Clip

1. To create a Clip, select New > Create a Clip from the Homepage

2. In the Create Clip panel, select Text-To-Speech, add a Clip Name, and choose a Clip Destination by selecting a Project from the picklist. When you are done, click Create Clip.

2. Start typing to input text or click the upload option to import a text file. Once you finalize your selected text, use the Editing Options panel to refine the audio. To listen to your clip, click the Preview option at the footer of the page. Check out this article for more guidance on how to edit your synthetic audio.

3. When finished, click Export to download your clip.

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