Why Should You Edit Your Clip?

To enhance the sound of your synthetic audio, use Editing Options to customize how Veritone Voice verbalizes the provided script. There are different audio dimensions and settings you can adjust to control the cadence, volume, speaker, and acoustics of your clip.

Locating Editing Options

In the Create Clip tab, complete the required fields then navigate to the Editing Options panel located on the right-hand side. Click here for guidance on how to Create a Clip.

Using Editing Options

Here's a quick rundown of available editing features:

A. Languages - Specify which language the provided text should be read in.

B. Voice - Select a stock voice from our library of synthetic voiceprints.

C. Intonation - Adjust the rise and fall of speech in your clip.

D. Break / Pause - In the text table, highlight an area of your script where you’d like to place a break or pause. From there, select a setting from the picklist (grades range from weak to strong). You can specify the duration in milliseconds. Once finished, click Apply.

E. Phoneme - You can customize the phonetics of your clip by picking an alphabet from the picklist and applying it to your clip.hed, click Apply.

F. Prosody - Control the rhythm and cadence of your clip’s read-out by adjusting the Rate, Pitch, and Volume scales. This enables you to emphasize or minimize certain elements of your script.

G. Say As - Use this feature to control how something in the script is spoken or read out loud. This is a great way to ensure numbers or characters are mentioned in a specific fashion.

When you are done editing your clip, click Preview to apply your changes. It’s suggested that you listen to your clip before selecting Export.

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