Is there a mobile app for Veritone Contact?

Veritone Contact is a Progressive Web Application that offers a unified, immersive experience across all devices. Though not a native mobile application downloaded from the app store, it appears and acts like any full screen native application on a mobile device when installed to the home screen.

How do I install Veritone Contact on my mobile device?

  • Android Devices: Open Chrome and navigate to your agency's Veritone Contact URL

    • Users should then be prompted to “Install App.”

    • If there is no prompt, the user will find the option to “Install App” from within the Chrome menu.

    • If the option to install the app does not appear, the user is probably attempting to install the app from Chrome on an iOS device, which is not supported.

  • iOS Devices: Open Safari and navigate to your agency's Veritone Contact URL

    • Then, open the Share menu at the bottom of the screen and tap 'Add to Home Screen'.

For additional questions surrounding an optimal mobile user experience, please contact Veritone Support at [email protected]

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