Data Center Feature Overview

The Data Center is your file repository for your aiWARE account. It stores and organizes all files imported into your account, and gives you a centralized place to view and manage them in any application you are currently in.

  1. Add New Folder: This allows you to create a new folder in your location

  2. Table Data Settings: This allows you to hide or show table columns

  3. View Mode: This allows you to show more or less in your table view

  4. Navigation: Change the main view of your Data Center to view your files or sources

  5. Add New: This allows you to import data into your Data Center from your local machine

How do I access the new Data Center?


If you have a role for Data Center via the Admin application you will have access to the new Data Center

  1. Click the Veritone Logo at the top right of your aiWARE browser session to open the Utility bar.

  2. Locate the Data Center icon in your Utility bar to open the new Data Center panel.

The Data Center panel will slide open

Browsing Folders and Files

Data Center stores and organizes your important data in a single centralized location. As data is imported into your aiWARE account through direct import or application importing, it becomes available within your Data Center.

These files are available within the My Files section of your Data Center. You can use folders to organize this data how you see fit.

Modifying your View modes

You can easily control how you view your data and also what type of data you are browsing:

Compact: Displays all your data in a compact table with smaller rows for quicker browsing.

Expanded: Displays data in larger rows to present more data at once. Allows you to view the files thumbnail images as well.

Table Data Setting:

If you would like to add or remove specific data columns in your Data Center, you can use the Table Data Setting feature to do so.

To change Table Data Settings:

  1. Navigate to My Files

  2. Click the Setting icon at the top right of your file list

    1. The Table Data Setting Panel will open

  3. Toggle the Show or Hide icon next to each data element you wish to control

  4. Click Save

Adding a New Folder:

To add a new folder to your Data Center:

  1. Navigate to the My Files section of Data Center

  2. Click the New Folder Icon available at the top right of your Data Center window.

  3. The New Folder Panel will open

    1. Give your new folder a name

    2. Click Create

Note: Your folder will be created in the current Data Center location you are viewing

Edit a Folder name:

To change the name of a folder:

  1. Navigate to the folder you would like to rename

  2. Hover over the folder and click the Option icon

  3. Select Edit Folder from the menu

  4. The Edit Folder panel will open

  5. Rename the folder

  6. Click Save

Sources and Schedules

A list of all Sources and schedules that have been created in your account, except for sources/schedules that have a run mode of Immediate/one-time. This list allows you to quickly search for a source or schedule by name, or click into a source to view the Schedules created beneath it. You can also view all files that have been ingested by a specific schedule.

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