This release is compatible with RelativityOne versions that have undergone the Tiger Lily agent migration to the Relativity Compute server. This release is NOT compatible with Relativity versions 10.3 or Relativity Server 2021. If you are using aiWARE in those versions of Relativity, reference RAP

Relativity's Tiger Lily Agent Migration

This release includes all work necessary to accommodate for Relativity's agent migration to their Compute server. In late March/early April 2022, Relativity will be migrating all 3rd party agents to their Compute server. Once the agent migration is complete, you will no longer need to manually install Veritone's agents. Instead, the agents will be available immediately upon installation of aiWARE for Relativity.

Bug Fixes and General Enhancements

  • Refactored the redaction concatenation process to improve the time it takes a file to save redactions

  • Incorporated transcoding support of high resolution h.265 files

  • Enabled support of files larger than 2gb in RelativityOne and all Server versions

  • Resolved a bug preventing Relativity Server 2021 users from connecting to the Edge API


If you are your organization’s Relativity administrator, download the latest RAP file below to take advantage of these new improvements.

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