We are excited to announce some recent Discovery updates that will simplify One-Click Watchlist creation.

One-Click Watchlists

Step 1 In the Search Bar on the Discovery homepage, type in your search criteria. For more on search best practices click here.

You may apply filters to your results via the left side panel. Once you confirm results match what you want to track, click on 3 Dot Action Menu in the Search Bar. Select Create Watchlist from the dropdown.

Step 2 You will then see our streamlined Summary Modal appear. You will be prompted to enter a new Watchlist name in this step. Click Save and Close to save your Watchlist to My Watchlists or select Edit Watchlist to further tweak your Watchlist settings as desired.

We hope you find these improvements to Discovery valuable and as always, we welcome your feedback via chat support or email: [email protected]!

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