The Local Upload Importer allows you to select data directly from your computer and import that data into your aiWARE account. This importer is available within your Data Center Utility or directly from any application in your aiWARE account that exposes this functionality directly from their application.

Supported File Types

aiWARE will accept any file type into your Data Center, however, only the file types listed below are currently supported by our AI engines for processing.

See a list of acceptable file types here

Importing a new file from Data Center

Importing your files into aiWARE is easy and quick with the Local Machine Importer. Follow these instructions to import your first file:

Simple Import

  1. Navigate to your Data Center Utility available in your right-hand Utility Bar

  2. Click the New button at the top right of your Data Center window.

  3. Click File Import

  4. Click the Browse Files button

    1. Select up to 100 files from your computer

    2. You will see a progress indicator next to each file as it is imported

  5. Once all files have successfully imported, click the Import button to close the panel

Choose a Folder Location

Your Data Center utility allows you to organize your files within folders. During the import process, you have the ability to select the folder of your choice, where these files will reside.

To change a files import location:

  1. Once you have successfully selected your files inside the Importer, you will see the Location Folder displayed

  2. Select Change

    1. The Choose a Location panel will open

    2. Select the folder you would like your files to be stored at

    3. Click the Choose Location button to choose this folder location

Helpful Tip:

You can navigate to the folder of your choice within your Data Center and click the Add New button to automatically select that folder location during import.

Edit File Metadata

Before you import files into your Data Center you can modify specific metadata. To edit your file metadata:

  1. Select the Pencil icon on each file you would like to modify

  2. The Edit Metadata panel will open

  3. The following Metadata is available for modification

    1. Thumbnail Image: A thumbnail image allows you to control the image displayed for the file in the preview of Data Center

    2. File Name: The name that represents the file

    3. Media Display Time: The time in which the file will be indexed and made searchable

    4. Tags: Descriptive, small, and informative searchable metadata on the file.

  4. Click Save Changes to close the Edit File metadata panel

After your file has been imported into aiWARE you will have the ability to process your files using the AI engines enabled for your account. See this article to learn more

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