Within your Data Center Utility, you have the ability to process your imported data with the AI engines you have enabled in your account. These AI engines will help you extract valuable insights from your data based on their individual engine capabilities.

Upon processing your data, you will be able to view the engine output through the Media Detail Player, a time-correlated visual interface that allows you to follow along with the extracted engine insights as the media plays.

To use the AI Processing feature:

  1. Navigate to your Data Center utility by clicking the Veritone logo in the top right of your browser window ( the Utility Bar will open), then click the Data Center icon

    1. The Data Center Utility will slide open

  2. Locate the data file you would like to process by navigating through your Organizations folders in the My Files section

    1. If you have not imported any data into your account please follow this tutorial first

  3. Click the 3 dot menu icon on the row item and choose Process with AI from the option menu

    1. The AI Processing panel will slide open

The AI Processing panel will display a list of Capabilities that are relevant to your selected data. As an example, some AI Engines can only process certain types of files, such as videos or images. So if you choose an audio file, you will not see capabilities that contain these types of engines.

Choosing a Processing Engine

Each engine is organized by its capability, to choose a new AI engine for processing select the capability you would like to run on your data.

To view a full list of available capabilities click here

  1. The Capability Engine List will slide open displaying a list of available engines for your account.

  2. To choose a processing engine, select the "Use this engine" button on the engine of your choice.

  3. Upon clicking this button, the engine settings will be displayed. Select your desired settings and click Save.

  4. Click the Save Changes button at the bottom of the panel

    1. This panel will close and a number indicator will be displayed on the capability for the number of configured engines you have selected

    2. You can now select additional engines in other capabilities

  5. Click the Process with AI button at the bottom of the panel

Your new processing job will now begin and your AI insights will be ready shortly within the Media Detail Page for your data file.

Helpful Tips:

If a problem occurs with your processing job you will be immediately informed via a message in your account.

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