Within your aiWARE Utility Dock, you have access to an OS feature called Organizations. This feature allows you to manage and switch between unique Organizations that your account is a part of.

In this article we will be covering:

  1. Organization Basics

  2. Managing Incoming Requests

  3. Inviting New or Existing Users to your Organization

To access the Organization Utility:

  1. Click the Veritone Utility Dock Icon at the top right of your browser

  2. Locate the Organization Icon

Organization Basics

  1. Current Organization: The Organization you are currently logged into

  2. My Organizations: A list of all Organizations associated to your account

  3. Invites: View and manage all incoming requests to new Organizations

  4. Invite Users: Opens the Invite User tool and allows you to request a new user be added to your organization.

Default Organization

When an Organization is marked as default it is the first Organization that you will be directed to after a successful login.

Changing your default:

If you would like to change your default Organization:

  1. Click the Veritone Utility Dock Icon at the top right of your browser

  2. Locate the Organization Icon

  3. On the My Organization tab click the Options Menu on the Organization you would like to mark as default

    1. Select Make Default

Note that your default Organization determines how you log in to your aiWARE account. If your new default Organization requires additional security checks such as 2-factor authentication, you will be required to follow these steps on your next login.

Managing Incoming Requests

If a new request is made for you to join additional organizations you will have the chance to review the incoming requests before joining these new Organizations.

  • Note that an email will be sent to your account informing you of the new request.

  • Organization requests will expire 7 days after they are sent

View new Request

From your Organization Utility, click the Invites Tab to view any active requests for your account. Here you will find a list of requests that require action from you. Click the View Request button to open the Request Details, here you will find information on who sent the request, any message they included, and be able to approve or reject the request.

Inviting New or Existing Users to your Organization

You may request that a new user be added to your Organization from the Invite User feature located inside of the Organization Utility.

  1. Locate the Organization Utility

  2. Click the Invite User button

    1. The Invite Request Panel will open

  3. Type the email of the user you wish to add to your Organization and click Add

  4. You will now add a list of Applications and Application Roles for this user by clicking the + Add Application button on the user card

    1. Please note that you may only request a user be added to your Organization with the same application and role permission you currently have on your account.

  5. Click the toggle next to each application the user should gain access to

  6. Then select the Application Role the user should be granted

  7. An Optional Message is available to send to the requestee as well

  8. Click Send Invitation

Application Invitations must first be approved by an Organization Admin before the recipient receives a welcome email. If the request is not approved by an organization admin, you will be informed via email.

Switching Organizations

Once you have accepted an invitation to join another Organization, you will immediately have access to the applications and data that were granted to your account.

To Switch Organization:

  1. Locate the Organization Utility

  2. From the My Organization tab, click on the Organization name you would like to switch to

  3. The Organization loader screen will show to indicate the switch is in progress

  4. Your session will refresh to the new Organization

Note that if you are switching to a new Organization and your current tab has access to an application that is not available in the new Organization, you will be prompted to select from available applications in tall tabs.

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