We are excited to announce some recent Discovery updates that will simplify Watchlist creation.

New Watchlist Creation Workflow

  • Faster & easier Watchlist management

  • New design & simplified flow

  • New Summary page

How to Create a Watchlist with the Updated Flow

Navigate to the Watchlist Dashboard from the main screen of Discovery. Click on the blue +NEW button located above the left-hand sidebar and select Watchlist.

This opens the Add Watchlist console, which consists of a series of tabs where users set their Search Criteria. Upon entering the flow, users will be able to choose whether they want to use the old flow or continue on using the new flow.

On the Watchlist Details tab, users assign a Watchlist name and select Start & End Dates.

To set your Target Demo, navigate to Audience Metrics and Edit selections as desired. You may Select All target demos as a shortcut. Click Next to advance.

On the Select Folder tab, users will select where to save their Watchlist. By default, Watchlists save to My Folders, where they’ll only be accessible to you. To save a publicly accessible Watchlist, click Shared Folders. Be sure to select the Folder where you’d like to save the Watchlist or click Save to Root Level to save without adding to a folder. Once you’ve made your selection, click Next.

On the Select Sources tab, users can select which media to target. To select a specific daypart, simply check off the box that corresponds to that program in the Program listing.

You can filter the Program listings by clicking through Markets or Stations in the left-hand panel. You can also utilize the search bar to quickly navigate to specific station call signs, programs or markets.

You can select or deselect by clicking on/off Select All Programs. This will target all stations licensed for Veritone coverage.

Selected entries will now appear in the Selected Radio Programs panel on the right-hand side.

On the Setup Search tab, enter your Search Profile to search against your media. Depending on what is enabled in your org, you may search against Keywords (what is spoken on air), Structured Data (traffic logs), Faces, Logos, OCR (on screen character recognition), etc. Once your Search Profile is complete, click Next to proceed. For Search Best Practices, please check out these helpful articles.

On the Notifications tab, users can elect to receive Watchlist Notifications via email and choose a preferable cadence (i.e. Immediately, Daily, Weekly, or Never). To add an alert, first select your desired frequency. In the case of Daily Notifications, you’ll need to set a time to receive the alert. For Weekly Notifications, you’ll need to set both a day and time.

Next, in the field below, enter the email address for receipt of alerts. Click Add Notification to add the recipient to your Notifications List. You may add multiple emails as desired. Once satisfied with your Notification settings, click Next to proceed.

On the Summary tab, Watchlist settings will be listed for your review. Review and easily adjust your configurations before clicking Create Watchlist to save your work. Your Watchlist will now start generating Mentions that match your entered criteria and will be updated in near real time!

We hope you find these improvements to Discovery valuable and as always, we welcome your feedback via Chat Support or email at [email protected].

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