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Veritone Contact will now include Training Mode allowing all users to create test RIPA reports while in the onboarding process.

What is Training Mode?

Training Mode is available to all users, at all permission levels, allowing them to create test RIPA reports within Contact. While in Training Mode, users have the ability to create multiple RIPA reports to familiarize themselves with the reporting flow and become confident in the reporting process.

How do I activate Training Mode?

1 ) Log into Veritone Contact through the custom URL that was generated for your agency. You will login using your email address as the username, and your password.

2 ) Navigate to the badge icon at the top right corner. This is your Main Menu Console. Select User Settings. From here, toggle on Training Mode:

3 ) When finished using Training Mode, navigate back to User Settings. From here, toggle off Training Mode.

PRO TIP: All reports created in Training Mode will not be saved or submitted.

For additional questions regarding Training Mode, please contact [email protected].

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