A new RAP file version is available and certified in Relativity for:


  • Relativity One

  • Server 2022 12.1.533.2

  • Server 2021 11.1.582.3

  • Server

RAP file unified for all Relativity environments:

This new version includes the features and enhancements described below:

New Features

  • Unified RAP file for all versions

  • Increased the configuration options for Edge Processing including default transcription options and more.

  • Enabled ability to Transcode when having a long path over 260 characters.

  • Enabled ability to Redact when having a long path over 260 characters.

  • Ability to include No Audio as a Status option in our Relativity rap file.

  • Pop-up message enabled when transcoding fails because of Not enough Memory.

  • For files with 0 media duration, new status indicating this during Transcoding.

  • Added output message in the column for the Transcode logs and Redaction Logs table.

  • The edge expiration license message shown on Relativity updated for clearer messaging.

Defects Fixed

  • The Veritone aiWare application obstructs the production view in the R1 review interface, preventing users from selecting a particular production volume.

  • Problems when running the installation process in multiple workspaces.

  • The application is not displaying info when transcribing documents.

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