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Veritone Redact’s transcription engine will provide you with an English transcript which will act as a map for your media. The transcript follows along “karaoke style” with your video, which is intended to streamline your audio redaction process.

Note: Transcription accuracy of the media output is dependent upon the audio quality, and any additional background noise or cross-talk will cause a lower accuracy threshold.

Running Audio Transcription

After selecting the media that you would like to upload, simply select “Run Transcription” and click “Upload

If you did not run transcription while uploading your media, you can do so from the File Manager Page. Click on the file name on the Redact Homepage to open it.

Then, toggle over to the Audio tab and click Transcribe Audio.

Applying audio redactions

1 ) To begin making audio redactions, select your desired file from the Redact Homepage. This will open up the File Manager page.

2 ) Select the “Audio” tab on the right side of the screen. You will see the machine-generated English transcript.

PRO TIP: When clicking on a word within the transcript, you will jump to that point in your video.

There are three ways you can apply Audio Redactions:

  • Searching for keywords

  • Selecting a large group of text

  • Selecting a specific time within the audio timeline

Searching for Keywords

You can search for specific names or keywords mentioned within your file by clicking on the search bar at the top of the transcript and entering your keyword. Hit “enter” on your keyboard, and your selected keyword will appear highlighted each time it is mentioned within the transcript. Right-click on the keyword and select “Redact All” to automatically redact that keyword from your file, anytime it appears.

Selecting a large group of text

Highlight a group of text within the transcription that needs redacting. You can highlight as much or as little text as needed. Once your text is highlighted, right-click and select “Redact”.

Selecting a specific time within the audio timeline

Click into the audio timeline itself on the left side of the screen. From there, you can enter the exact start and end time of the audio that you would like redacted.

PRO TIP: You can also add a note to any audio redaction by right-clicking the redacted text and selecting the "Edit Note" option.

Removing audio redactions

To remove audio redactions, you can do so directly from the transcript by highlighting the text you’d like to unredact, right-clicking, and selecting “Unredact.” You can also do this from the audio timeline by clicking the audio redaction and selecting the trashcan icon.

If you have any questions about audio redactions, please contact the Veritone Support team at [email protected].

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