The search bar is designed to give you a quick and simple search experience that lets you locate cognitive results across these primary capabilities:

  1. Transcription

  2. OCR or Recognized Text

  3. Facial Recognition

  4. Logo Recognition

  5. Object Detection

  6. Tags

Conducting a Search

The simple search bar will give you autocomplete suggestions based on your search query. Unlike traditional search interfaces that allow you to look for the name of the file, Data Center search allows you to locate A.I. model extracted insights in your data. As you import data into your account, the A.I. models you process your data with will extract valuable information based on their specialty.

As an example, processing a video or image file using a Facial Recognition engine, will allow you to search for people's names recognized within these files. Another example would be using a Transcription engine to extract spoken words into transcripts. This will allow you to search for any word that is spoken within an audio or video file.

In the example below, you can see how different results will populate as the user types the query “Joey”.

Search Results

Once you locate your desired autocomplete match, select the result from the list. Your search results page will now render and display all matches in list order.

  1. Media Thumbnail: A image thumbnail captured from the data, if available by type.

  2. File Name: The given name of the file

  3. Created Date: The month, day, year and timestamp the file was created in aiWARE

  4. Matches: Will display the capability type and the exact match

To open a search result simply double-click on the file name to open.

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