Several feature enhancements were introduced to Illuminate and defects were resolved.

New Feature: Export downloads from notification panel

Enables the user to directly download from the notification panel instead of needing to navigate elsewhere to do so.

New Feature: Rerun failed jobs

Enables the user to select failed jobs and requeue them to try again, saving them the need to reload and re-run the file as a new TDO or reach out to the Veritone Support team for help.

If your job is still unsuccessful after reprocessing, reach out to

[email protected] for additional assistance.

New Feature: User friendly download names

Enables the user to provide their own names for downloads or defaulting to the original File Name. No more hard to remember and difficult to correlate TDO ids.

New Feature: Speaker Separated Transcription Editing Improvements

In the past edits made to transcripts were being written directly to the cognitive output rather than in a user-edited version of the output. Now edits are properly captured in a way that does not compromise the integrity of the original output.

New Feature: Encrypt export files

Users can now encrypt exported files for added security, with a password of their choosing.

Resolved defects:

  • Unable to run engine with uploaded files - Fixed a bug causing the Save button to remain disabled when attempting to run a process on an uploaded file

  • Processing status page displays a job multiple times - Fixed a bug that was causing processing jobs to be duplicated on the Processing Status tab UI

  • Cursor jumps to another position when editing transcript - Fixed an issue where even though new lines were created text input was occurring in the previously edited line

  • Error showing when submitting the export job - Fixed a regression causing partitioning errors

  • Remove SpeakerID when exporting speaker separation in vtn format file output - Fixed an issue causing SpeakerID values to remain in exported transcripts erroneously

Additional questions? Email us at [email protected] or reach out directly to your Customer Success Manager.

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