We are excited to announce some recent Discovery updates. This latest update includes the ability to use the Watchlist Panel Search Bar to find your Watchlists by their ID.

Previous Watchlist Search Capabilities

Historically, the only way users were able to find the Watchlist they were looking for in Discovery was to either:

  • Navigate to it's specific section and folder, which required the user to remember exactly where they had placed it OR

  • Search by exact Watchlist name using the Search Bar in the Watchlist Panel

Although users can access the unique Watchlist ID inside the Discovery application, they previously could not utilize this to find their Watchlist as shown below:

Search by Watchlist ID

Now users are able to identify the Watchlist ID in the Folders/Watchlists Info Panel to be documented and shared with teammates.

Then, enter the Watchlist ID in the Watchlist Panel Search Bar to identify your desired result.

Additionally, users are able to search by multiple IDs at one time by adding a comma after each ID. This search will also generate results for any Watchlists which includes the ID in the text of the Watchlist name as well!

Please note, searching across organizations (Green Folders) is not supported at this time.

As always, we welcome your feedback via chat support or email at [email protected]!

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