Several feature enhancements were introduced to Redact and defects were resolved.

New Feature: Blur Preview Added

Blur has been added as an option for preview mode for videos. There are now three options a user can select based on their preview preference: Black, Outline, Blur.

Blur Preview Notes:

  • The preview of the redactions in the video do not impact the redaction settings. You will still need to set your redaction settings to ensure your output file is processed as desired.

  • The blur preview is an approximation of what will show in the final redacted video and may not match exactly.

New Enhancement: New Tooltip on Resize Auto Detected Head button

To ensure users are aware of the feature, a tooltip was added when you hover over the button.

New Enhancement: Warn user when uploading 0 byte file

If a 0 byte file is uploaded into redact (often a zipped file), the user will be prompted with an error message to ensure they are aware that this file will not be able to be processed in Redact. The message will state:

WARNING: selected file is 0 bytes! Please ensure you are not dragging and dropping from a zip file preview! Files must be extracted/unzipped prior to uploading.

Defects Resolved:

  • Seeking to or placing UDR on final video frame - Bug fixed where it wasn’t possible to place a UDR on the final frame of a video.

  • Video player jitter when seeking - Issue resolved where at times when seeking through a video, jitter would occur.

  • Applications hangs after holding down the escape key - Bug fixed that would cause the application to hang when the ESC key was pressed on the media details page. Now the expected behavior of escaping from the media details page and returning to the main page occurs.

  • Jumping to the start of UDR sometimes does not display UDR - Fixed a bug where the very beginning of a URD wouldn’t display in the video preview when navigating to the start of it.

  • UDR behavior bug- fixed bugs where live UDR remains stuck in its original position in the media player when the video plays and when UDR returns to original positioning and timeline does not save.

  • Filename in "Redacted Files" tab is URL encoded - Issue resolved where the filenames were URL coded and now those additional characters will no longer appear.

  • Export Zip Tooltip doesn’t go away - Fixed a bug where the tooltip that displays over the Export Zip button to ensure it disappears once the mouse is moved away from it.

  • Select All Button removed to prevent inadvertent behavior and actions.

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