Several enhancements were introduced to Contact and additional defects were resolved.

New Enhancement : Admins can now export a list of users directly to their desktop, as a .csv file format, from the User Management tab.

New Enhancement : Sort officer names by last name in Reviewer panel

In the Review pane for the Reviewer user role where officer names are visible, the user names are now sorted by last name to improve reviewing and search functionality.

New Enhancement: A new design and additional fields added to the Review Report modal, to improve Reviewers ability to check all possible for PII or issues.

  • City added to Review Report model for Review role.

  • Primary Reason for Stop added to Review Report model for Review role.

  • Organize Review Modal so questions are aligned with input of officers.

Additional Modifications:

  • Repealed offense codes provide the opportunity for mistakes - Any codes that are older than 480 days old are removed. Repealed codes are made available for up to 480 days, which is the timeline officers are allowed to submit old reports

  • .Adjusted text wrapping to ensure alignment.

  • Offline Mode closing app on mobile devices - Fixed a bug to resolve the application from being abruptly closed when a user is on a mobile device and in offline mode.

  • The CSV export updated to show “No Action Taken” in the case where the officer indicates no action was taken as a result of the stop, as opposed to being blank.

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