Once you have processed any file in your aiWARE account using a Facial Recognition or Detection engine, you can view and edit the engine's output using the Media Detail Page in the Data Center application.

The Media Detail Page allows you to see each person or face that was located inside your video or image file, as well as the timestamp the person was recognized within.

Locating your file in Data Center

To view your Facial Recognition or Detection results you must first navigate to the Data Center application:

  1. Click the Application Switcher in the top right of your application header

  2. Choose Data Center from the available list

    1. The Data Center app will open in a new tab

  3. From Data Center, in the My Organization tab, select the file you wish to view that includes Facial Recognition results

    1. The Media Detail Page will open

Viewing your Facial recognition Output

The Media Detail Page allows you to view the output of any cognitive engine that is run on your media files in an easy-to-understand and accessible way. After you have processed a file with a Facial Recognition engine, the Media Detail Page will allow you to view who was located in the file and during what time.

On the top of the Media Detail Page, locate the Facial Recognition icon and click on this to view your Results.

Face Recognition

The Facial Recognition tab will display a list of any people that are recognized by the A.I. Engine. People can be recognized in one of two ways, either by an A.I. engine that is "pre-trained" to recognize a certain group of individuals, such as celebrities.

You can also train a model to recognize specific people yourself, by using the aiWARE Library product. Note that not all A.I. models support being trained via the Library Product.

Each person that is located in the media content will be represented by a pill that includes their matched name, as well as the number of times they were located in the entire file.

Face Detection

Some Facial Recognition models also include the ability to detect "faces" of individuals as well. This differs from recognition, as the model is not able to identify the person by name but only that it is a person.

Note that not all A.I. Models support detection, and this tab may contain zero results.

Editing Facial Recognition Results

Sometimes Facial Recognition may identify the incorrect person or even objects as people, and this will require you to correct the results yourself.

To Remove a False Positive:

  1. Click on the person you would like to edit, by selecting the interface pill

  2. Click on the Pencil icon located at the top right of the Face interface

    1. You will now see a thumbnail view with each recognized image of the individual

  3. Hover over the thumbnail and click the Trashcan icon to remove the recognized person Or use the checkbox to select multiple thumbnails and bulk delete the recognition.

  4. This will move the thumbnail to the Face Detection tab. If you wish to completely remove the thumbnail from the result, navigate to the detection tab, hover over the thumbnail you wish to remove, and click the trashcan icon.

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