Why would I want to create a Child Asset?

In order to better manage your content and its metadata, you can now create child assets in your Digital Media Hub. Creating a child asset allows you to find a portion of an existing record and create a new record from it. This allows your to represent a specific portion of your record to accurately identify unique elements and metadata.

If you would like to enable the child asset feature, please contact your Customer Success Manager or [email protected].

How to Create a Child Asset

  1. Find an existing record you from which you would like to create the child asset

  2. Navigate to the asset detail page

  3. Click on the three dots to access the 'more' menu

  4. Click Create a child clip on the 'more' menu:

  5. Once the Create a child clip option is clicked, the Create a child asset form will be displayed:

  6. The following items will be displayed and/or require attention:

    1. The name of the current record (which will be the parent)

    2. If there are existing child records related the current record, a count will display along with a button that redirects to search result page with all the available child records

    3. The trimming and duration that is defined in the player

      • The trimming represents the portion of the parent that will be represented by the new child record

      • The trimming time format will reflect what the user selected in the player (timecode, seconds, frames, etc.)

    4. Supported trimming scenarios

      • If NEITHER in or out points are defined, then the ‘trimming’ will be the entire clip

      • If BOTH in and out points are defined, and the duration is at least 150ms

    5. The form will display an error if one but not both in and out points are defined:

    6. The form will display an error if in and out are defined but the duration is too short (a frame or less):

  7. If the trimming is supported, the CREATE button will be enabled

  8. Clicking CREATE will transition the form to a processing dialogue:

  9. The dialogue will populate the name of the new record, and allow easy copying of the name value

  10. While the child record is being created and added to the search index, the processing spinner will display

  11. Once the child record is available, the ‘VIEW NEW CHILD ASSET’ button will be enabled

    • Note this may take up-to a minute for the create and indexing steps to complete

  12. Clicking the ‘VIEW NEW CHILD ASSET’ button will redirect the user to the child record asset detail page:

    As always, we encourage your valuable feedback and insights! Please contact your Customer Success Manager or [email protected] for questions or comments.

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