We are excited to announce a number of new features and enhancements to various features within the Veritone Digital Media Hub! Read on below to learn more about these updates.

Annotation Tool

Pivot Display

Digital Media Hub users can now view, compare, and edit moments from multiple timelines at the same time with our "Pivot Table" view in the existing Annotation Tool!

To access Pivot Display, navigate to the lower half of the Annotation Tool screen using the previously-existing icon button.

There are up to ten columns available in the pivot table, which can be configured using the existing timeline filter features within the same screen. All columns are resizable, re-orderable, and searchable, and generally follow the same looks and functionality of the existing page elements representing the respective data set.

Fast Logging Form

We've improved upon the Fast Logging Form feature of the Annotation Tool to allow users to enter new annotation content quickly and easily! By compacting the form fields we were able to maximize the number of items visible on screen at once, increasing user efficiency by optimizing screen space on your device. In addition, we revisited keyboard accessibility to ensure complete adherence to the best practices of Angular Material, our UI component library.

New! Child Asset Creation

Digital Media Hub now supports the creation of new asset records within the DMH UI! You can now segment an existing record to be managed independently from the source record, allowing you to create specific metadata and renditions. To learn more about how to use this feature, visit the Help Desk article here.

Registration List Enhancements

Within the Admin App we can now provide better tools for administrators to manage registration configurations, including sending email notifications to invited users.

License Document Configurations Incorporate Clip Metadata

When displaying a license agreement during checkout, the agreement mapping to assets can now be based on asset metadata. This supports the use case where various federations may need unique license agreements for their assets, and helps designate which license documents should be affiliated with such assets.

Royalty Rates Configurable by Site & Account

We've updated the descriptions of royalty rate to allow configurable definitions based on metadata values specific to individual assets.

API Key Management via Admin App

In order to simplify the creation and audit of API keys to be executed within the Admin App, we've enabled users to more easily create an API Keys page from the User Management portal.

Proactive Alerting Enhancements for Short Clip Selections

In order to prevent fulfillment requests for zero duration clips and minimize cases of a user adding a shorter than expected clip to their cart or Collection, we have added a warning on the Asset Details Page. If the in and out values in the player represents a selection that has a duration less than a second, a warning icon is displayed, but still allows the user to add the selection to the cart or Collection. The player doesn’t allow the in and out markers to have the same time value, preventing zero duration clips from being unintentionally requested from downstream transcode services.

As always, we hope you find these enhancements to be valuable and we welcome your feedback at [email protected].

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