What Are the Benefits of the User Registration List?

The User Registration List feature allows administrators control over who can register to Digital Media Hub. Once validated, this will help allocate the desired account and role type associated to registered users. This feature ultimately provides more quality control over site access.

How to Enable the User Registration List

Configure email notifications

Email addresses added to the ‘allowed’ list can now be sent a notification email prompting them to register. Email notifications are not required. To enable notifications complete the following steps.

How to Access & Edit a SendGrid Template

To access your RegistrationListInvite template, contact your Customer Success Manager. As a best practice, your CSM will ensure the title is in the following format: siteName_RegistrationListInvite.

NOTE: this template supports substitutions for emailAddress. Be sure to take note of the template id for use in the notification definition.

The RegistrationListInvite template will be available to apply edits via the DMH Admin App. As a best practice, your email template should include a Register prompt or button to help direct users to the DMH Registration Page.

How to Create a Notification Definition

Log in to the DMH Admin App. Expand the General Settings panel and select the Notification Configs option. Open the edit view for the notification config that is active for the site. The active Notification Config can be determined by viewing the EMAIL TEMPLATE tab of the Site Config.

If an existing notification definition for RegistrationListInvite doesn’t exist you can create one by following these steps:

  • Name: RegistrationListInvite

  • Service: SendGrid

  • Template: This is the SendGrid template id

  • From Email: The address the email is delivered from

  • NOTE: the From Name, CC and BCC values are optional

How to Populate Allowed Emails

Log in to the DMH Admin App. Expand the User Management panel and select the Registration List option. To add emails, type or paste them into the Emails input. If adding more than one email, separate them with a space.

When saved, the values for Company Name, Role, Account and Notification will be applied to all the email addresses in the input field. When a customer completes registration with one of those email addresses, the resulting user will have these values automatically associated to their profile.

  • Company Name - Optional

  • Role - Required

  • Account - Required

  • Notification - Optional - defaults to ‘Disabled'

    • If ‘Disabled’ no notifications are sent for that batch of email addresses

    • If ‘Enabled’ a notification email is sent as soon as the emails are added to the registration list

NOTE: Company Name, Role, Account and Notification values can be adjusted after the email has been added to the registration list, but must be updated before the customer has completed registration.

From the Emails tab, a list of the email addresses that are pending registration will be displayed.

How to populate allowed domains

In addition to an "allow list" for specific email addresses, the registration list also supports allowing registration based on the email domain.

Log in to the DMH Admin App. Expand the User Management panel and select the Registration List option. View existing allowed domains by selecting the DOMAINS tab.

NOTE: Similar to the allowed emails, the defined domains have values for Company Name, Role and Account that can be applied and edited.

To add a new domain navigate to the ADD tab, and toggle on the ‘Add Domains’ option. This will change the interface to expect a space separated list of domain names.

NOTE: Similar to the allowed emails, for each domain you can specify Company Name, Role and Account that should be applied to users who register with emails using that domain.

What are the Configuration Options

  • Strict - In this mode, only email addresses on the allow list or that match domains on the allow list will be allowed to create registrations.

  • Optional - In this mode, anyone can register - all email addresses are allowed to create a registration record. But when a customer validates their registration, their email address is compared to the emails (first) and domains (second) on the registration list. If a match is found, the user is assigned the configured Company Name, Account and Role.

To configure if the match is strict or optional, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the DMH Admin App

  • Expand the User Management panel and select the Registration List option

  • Navigate to the SETTINGS tab

  • By default the registration list will appear in "Strict" mode

  • Enable the toggle for the registration list to change to "Optional" mode

How to Configure Sites to Use a Registration List

The DMH will not use the registration list until it has been enabled within the site configuration. To enable, follow these steps:

  • Log in to the DMH Admin App

  • Expand the User Management panel and select the Site Config option

  • From the GENERAL tab, you can toggle the Registration Rules Configured setting to enable or disable Registration Lists

How to Manage a Registration List

When a user completes registration and a valid user is created, the associated record on the Registration List will be removed. This keeps ‘stale’ entries on the registration list from inflating the size and streamlines the management of Registration Lists overall.

How Do I Modify a Registration List

From either the EMAILS or DOMAINS tab, entries can be edited or removed at any time.

How do I Export a Registration List

From any of the Registration List pages an EXPORT option will be available to you. Clicking Export will automatically download a CSV formatted list of all email addresses (not domains) currently included in the registration list. For each email address, the Company Name, Role Id and Account Id will also be included for easy access.


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