Several enhancements were introduced to Contact and additional defects were resolved with a new release on 11/2/2022.

New Enhancement:

Updates have been made to improve the mobile performance of Veritone Contact on iPhone and Android devices. Reports of a white screen causing a user to refresh or reinstall the app was reported, and some lagging in screen loads. The new updates are expected to relieve users of this white screen and improve load times.

ACTION REQUIRED for all users accessing Contact via the home screen of their iPhone or Android device: Steps to follow

  1. Delete the Veritone Contact app from an iPhone or Android home screen

    1. iPhone users - Touch and hold the app icon, tap Delete Bookmark to delete it from iPhone

    2. Android users - Touch and hold on the app icon, tap Uninstall

  2. Reinstall Contact to your device by following these instructions

Unable to delete & reinstall immediately? You can still access Contact from your iPhone or Android device or desktop browser using the unique URL your agency was provided: [unique identifier]

New Enhancement:

Users who have Analyst permissions can export a summary of stop data reports as a .csv file. This report was updated and now includes:

  • Report Status field for better visibility on where submitted reports are in the review process ( denied_by_doj, under_review, rejected, submitted_to_doj )

  • Reason For Stop is now in CSV rows when 'Use same for all' is selected for a specific stop. Note: this will only be available for new reports, not retroactively.

New Enhancement:

Reviewers and Officers can now see more report details and comment history for a smoother review process.

Additional Updates:

  • Pagination of reports and users did not update appropriately when new options were selected. This has been resolved.

  • A 422 error when the Start Over button was selected was resolved.

  • Styling issue was remedied on Custom Questions.

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