Veritone has released a new RAP file for aiWARE for Relativity that you can download today.


  • Relativity One version:

  • Server 2022 version: 12.1.537.3 Patch 1

  • Server 2021 version: 11.1.582.3 Patch 4

  • Server

RAP file unified for all Relativity environments: Veritone AiHub

This new version includes the features and enhancements described below:

  • Features for Heartbeat Configuration

    • A new tab called Heartbeat Configuration.

    • A new user interface (Front) for Heartbeat Configuration.

    • Switches for enabling or disabling Heartbeat checks for Transcription, Translation and Object Detection.

    • New fields to configure the frequency that the Health Agent checks each process.

    • Purge and Purge All buttons to delete the heartbeat logs.

  • Removed all the Human fields from the document object.

  • New Trigger required to define the time Interval for refreshing the Logs tabs at workspace level and on the General Summary at Instance Level.

  • Change in logic to decryption of the Keys for breaking the FIPS dependency.

    • The application now stores the configured API KEY in the Relativity Secret Store.

    • The application now stores the configured Job DAG as Base 64 encoded.

  • New buttons to let the user know when a file has already been transcoded or transcribed.

Resolved issues

  • Multiple errors in the error tab with message: Invalid column name 'VeritoneSpeakerSeparationVLF'.

  • Veritone Aero viewer does not load some documents

  • In the tabs Native and Image, the dropdowns do not have the correct Aero styles

Performance improvements

  • Improvements implemented that reflected an average reduction of 20% time in the core processes.

Notice for Relativity Workspace Administrators

If you are your organization’s Relativity administrator, download the latest RAP file below to take advantage of these new improvements.

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