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Veritone Voice supports adding custom Lexicon to improve the pronunciation of the synthesized speech from a text file. As we know, not only synthetic voices but also organizations, have their own unique personalities. Because of this, cases may arise where specific words are not pronounced correctly.

The good news is we have a way to solve for this by using Lexicon in-app. Lexicon is designed to enable users to add custom Lexicon mapping in our application so that the audio file will have the correct pronunciation of specific words such as business names or domain-specific words.

What is Lexicon?

Lexicon is a vocabulary or inventory of lexemes. Lexemes are often a single dictionary word that may have a number of inflectional forms or grammatical variants.

Lexicon Support within Veritone Voice allows you to save phonemes (unit of speech distinguishing one word (or word element) from another) and aliases against specific words. Edits can be made on a clip-by-clip basis. For example, if you want the engine to pronounce "tomatoes" as [TUH] + [MAH] + [TOHS], you can use the phonetic definition of "təˈmɑːtoʊz". If you want all instances of N-B-A to be replaced with “National Basketball Association” you can create an alias in your lexicon.

How do I use Lexicon?

Lexicon is available within your Veritone Voice account.

1) Create your Lexicon by navigating to "Lexicon Support" on the left side of the Voice homepage.

2) Select an existing Lexicon to edit using the dropdown menu, or create a new Lexicon on the right of the Homepage.

3) You can now create your Phoneme or Alias.

4) To create a Phoneme, enter the original word and use the keyboard to create your Phoneme. Hovering over each vowel or consonant will display how the character will sound. You can preview the sound by clicking "Play" at the bottom of the page. Once you are satisfied with how your word sounds, select "Add to Lexicon"

5) To create an Alias, toggle over to the Alias tab and enter your original word. Alias can be used for acronyms or to assist with pronunciation. For example, if your word is "NBA" and the Alias is "National Basketball Association", anytime that Lexicon is applied to a clip, the voice will read "NBA" as "National Basketball Association".

6) Once your Lexicon is created, it can be applied to any clip via the editing suite. Once you have entered your text, select your Lexicon at the bottom right corner of the screen. Be sure to then select "preview" to apply the Lexicon before playing your clip. Reminder: Your Lexicon will be applied to your entire clip.

Lexicon FAQ

  • Will Lexicon adjust how the voice sounds?

  • Are Lexicons applied at a Project or Clip level?

    • Lexicons are applied at a Clip level.

  • Can I delete my Lexicon?

    • Lexicons cannot be deleted once they are created. However, you can delete words within your Lexicon at anytime by selecting the trashcan icon next to each word.

  • If we already have a list of pre-set Lexicons, can I upload them directly into Voice myself?

    • Not at this time. If you do have an existing Lexicon list, please contact Veritone Support for more details on the options available to you.

  • I don't know how to create a Lexicon. Can Veritone do this for me?

    • We do offer Managed Services surrounding Lexicon creation. For more information, please contact Veritone Support.


  • Please be sure you are using Google Chrome when accessing Veritone Voice.

  • The alias feature can also be used to help with pronunciation. Simply type out the word as it sounds. For example, you can use "Tomato" and add "Tuhmaatoe" as the alias.

For additional questions regarding Lexicon, please contact [email protected].

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