Why Use Tags?

The Illuminate application allows users to apply custom Tags, thereby enabling you to quickly and easily search through and group your media. Tags can be applied to larger subsets of data.

How to Apply Tags?

Tags are used to group your media together in order to conduct simple searches within the application. You have the ability to add multiple Tags to individual files and search by specific Tags in the Search Bar.

  1. To begin, select the file to which you wish to apply a Tag.

  2. Select the Tag icon beneath the Media Details page. Next, select Add Tags:

  3. Type in the name of the Tag you’d like to apply. Note that you can add multiple Tags to a single piece of media by separating each Tag with a comma. Once you’ve added your Tag(s) click Save.

  4. If you’d like to edit, remove or add additional Tags, select the Pencil Icon from the Media Details page to enter Edit Mode.

How to Add a Tag to more than one file at the same time?

  1. From the Illuminate homepage, Go to the Files Tab.

  2. Select those files that you want to add a Tag(s). Navigate to the top right corner to the tag icon.

  3. Start by typing in a previous tag name or add a new tag.

  4. Once you press create tag, be sure to save and your tag(s) will be added to those selected files.

How to Search By Tag?

Once you’ve applied your Tags, you can begin searching for your tagged media through the Search Bar.

1. To do this, click into the Search Bar and select the Tag icon from the right side of the Search Bar.

2. Enter the Tag you’d like to search for and select it from the drop down.

3. Finally select Add to apply your search:

For any questions about applying Tags, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or email [email protected] .

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