In the Data Center, you can search for content inside your media. You can search against the output of any engine that was run on your media. For example, you can search by keywords against a transcript, or you can search by Face ID against a library of faces recognized by the face recognition engine running on your media file. You can also conduct a multi-variance search, using search parameters against multiple engines at the same time which include:

 1 - Transcription - search by transcript
 2 - Sentiment - search by sentiment analysis
 3 - Face ID - search by recognized faces
 4 - Object detection - search by detected objects

You can search against a single-engine at a time. If you click into the Search Bar, the Data Center by default will search by Transcription

Search by Transcription

1. Click on the Search Bar. Keyword Search will appear by default. Enter keywords into the Search Bar:

2.Click Add and results will appear:


Search by Face ID

1. Click into the Search Bar at the top:

2.Select the Face Search icon then type into the Search Bar. This will cause a drop-down to appear as you type:

3. Choose an option from the drop-down then hit Add to populate results:

Search by Recognized Text

1. Click on the Search Bar:

2. Select the Recognized Text icon then type the words you want to search for on-screen and click Add for results:

Search by Object

1. Click the Search by Object icon:

2. Select the Search By Object icon then type into the Search Bar. A drop-down menu will appear:

3. In the drop-down menu, select Add:

With Veritone, you can perform a Multi-Variant Search, searching for your media content against multiple engines at a time. As an example, let's search for all Media Files that have Anderson Cooper talking about healthcare.

1. In the Search Bar, select the icon for one of the engines you want to search against and enter search terms, then click Search. Once results are generated, select a second Engine category to add more search parameters.

Searching by the First Engine of Choice: Face Detection

1. Select the Search by Face option and type Anderson Cooper in the Search Bar then select Add:

2. Search will return Data Center files that meet your search criteria.

Searching with the second engine of choice: Transcription

1. Click the Search by Keyword option and enter your keyword(s) into the Search Bar:

2. This Multi-Variant Search for Face = Anderson Cooper and Keywords = healthcare will now return results that meet both search criteria:

3. Update the Search Operator (And, Or) and click Add to generate results.

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